Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bet You Thought I Had Disappeared...

[My daughter's artwork this time, and appropriate for this post title.]

You may have noticed my absence for a while, or you may not have noticed. Not much of a blog if one doesn't blog, eh.

Explanation: Busy helping a pro golfer convince the IRS that he produces both appearance value and image value, and that the latter was larger. Also I'm teaching a new course for me, research methods of all things. But it has proven fun for me (hope so,for the students). And then there was no more time in the day.

But I'll be doing better from now on.

Note I've added my new colleague's blog to my list, Stef Szymanski's "Sporty Business."

Also, let me note that nearly nobody posts any comments, even though my "statistics" report shows you are lurking. Give it a try even though you have to identify yourself. I bet you will find it refreshing to be responsible for what you say.

Coming to a "Sports and Monsters" near you:

Did Manning really generate $233 million for the owner of the Colts?
The Mets, Sterling Equities, and the Madoff fallout.
Value of teams to communities.

And, as always, if you have a topic, hit the link!

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