Thursday, July 21, 2011

All the news that's fit to print (and a wacky opinion)

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Talking about wins and losses from the upcoming NFL bargaining settlement, this from Judy Battista at the NYT:

"A new rookie wage system in which even the top picks in the 2011 draft could sign contracts worth about half of what the top pics signed for in 2010, a concession by players."

Wow.  Current players conceding the earnings of rookies yet to enter the league doesn't seem like much of a concession, especially when...(later in the article):

"And in a boon for players, each team will be expected to be required to spend — in cash, not in tricky accounting — a total of 90 percent of the salary cap."

So... rookies get their entering deals cut by half and owner have agreed to spend it all on current players.  For current players, like Eric Cartman always says on South Park, "Pretty sweet."


  1. Good post Rod -

    Is this an example of classic union 'insider-outsider' behaviour?

  2. Thanks Rob.

    I never studied them so I don't know the jargon. But clearly this lowers entry wages.

    Some of the rookies, presumably the ones that would have made it anyway, will get the money back but at the loss over the intervening time.

    It is also predictable that those lost earnings can turn some power forwards into linebackers and boxers. Or maybe even lawyers!